Collage - student project

I showed picture of Broken Column in college. Barbie and gem was around third to fifth grade. Snow White and Cinderella. Is around Kindergarten to second grade. Babysitting club is middle school. Also in stores we had painting I bought of African. American.women being queens to almost goddess on how black men praise them. I fell for angels when I first saw them and I don't. know when but I learn Michealanglo done it. My own is my artwork. The lady in blue was for art test. I pass to get in the school but I kept it. The many culture. ladies is my start collection of women in the world. Our safari lady with blue scarf Africa, my India woman with red dot on forehead with colors in back representing the many arms of their Hindu goddess, and cherry blossom. tree of Japan with geshia.

Sheryl Collins Roberson
Learning to be better