Collage Project

Collage Project - student project

I feel like I've been missing out. Drawing is a hobby for me and Skillshare classes are the only art classes I've ever taken. I've been drawing for years but I hadn't touched colorless blenders before this class because I couldn't find a good source of info on what to do with them. I feel like I learned an immense amount about blenders and creating texture from this class. Prior to now I mostly did flat color or my drawings looked really flat. Also, I usually have a horrid time drawing shoes.

Collage Project - image 1 - student project

Collage Project - image 2 - student project

I will say that I should've curved the stripe on the coffee mug a bit more and I could still stand to learn a bit about choosing/blending colors. But I think I did a pretty decent job all things considered.

I don't have photoshop. I am terrible at photo manipulation and adjusting color. So I just physically cut out and rearranged my drawings. I was also stuck on the theme for a while so I just started by drawing things around me like the slipper, Netflix logo, candy, and coffee mug. And then I realized they kind of fit together so I went with it.

The blanket is from here and the sweatshirt I referenced is from here