Collage Circles

Collage Circles - student project

This was so much fun. I look forward to making more circle collages. there are so many ways to do it. I really enjoyed working abstractly and limiting my pallet. I learned a little from previous posted thank you to those who have shared.

I was afraid to make lines into the black area, but will get to it on next projects.

Collage Circles - image 1 - student project

Above is  what it looked like before I glued it down and maybe overdid the gold paint. I was thinking about doing the 2 outside rows a different way, but in the end turned them all the same way.


The photograph exaggerates the gold, especially in artificial light.  

Collage Circles - image 2 - student project


And a black and white version of the photo for fun.


Collage Circles - image 3 - student project