Coldplay world tour

Coldplay world tour - student project

Hi, my name is Mariam and this is my first time to design a poster as such. As I am studying architecture... But what's the harm of doing something new?! So I've decided to make a poster design for a band that I truly like which is "Coldplay". 


Mylo Xyloto,  Colplay' new record  is featuring new music styles and emphasizing a shift in their identity, where they are more colorful, fun and most importantly bold.

Coldplay world tour - image 1 - student project


Fun, bold, colorful, happy, music, loud, creative, graffiti, lights, beats and worldtour.


Touring the world to spread colorful music reaching the souls.

The main idea is to depict the world tour in a fun bold way that would make the audience/fans interested to know more about the event and that would reflect the spirit of the band.


For inspirations I decided to take a deep look at the atmosphere of their concerts, the lights, the music, the stage set, the costumes, the behavior of the band itself, and to reflect this on the design of the poster.

Coldplay world tour - image 2 - student projectColdplay world tour - image 3 - student project

You can clearly see the fun casual atmosphere and the play of lights and color.

Coldplay world tour - image 4 - student project


For my initial sketch, I decided to make a simple black background with a colorful earth in the middle.

I used a combination of water colors and oil pastles to create the effects needed. 

Sketch 1:

Coldplay world tour - image 5 - student project

Development 1

Coldplay world tour - image 6 - student project

Development 2:

Coldplay world tour - image 7 - student project

As a development for the previous hand drawn sketch I decided to create "lights" effect to the poster it would be like the "glow in the dark" kind so that when put on the walls of the streets of cities it would be quite attractive and interesting.