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Cold email to editor

This is a cold email proposal to an editor to get my study published in a business magazine. 


Subject Line:
New study: Are “Millennials” less engaged? Let’s first talk about your culture.

Dear Editor,

Enclosed, please find our article proposal for your review entitled, "Let your organizational culture help you boost millennial’s work engagement.

This proposal focuses on millennials’ work engagement in the context of organizational culture. Millennials are often described as difficult to work with, self-focused, and entitled. Managing the multigenerational workforce has become one of the major HR challenges for many organizations. However, based on our research, we believe that Millennials’ engagement depends on the culture of organization they work for more than their generation. Our study findings highlight the importance of considering organizational culture when addressing Millennials’ engagement. 

Length: 4,000 words

Time to complete: The complete article has already been written.

The rights to this article have not been granted to another publisher. It has not been published previously and it is an original work.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of our manuscript for publication. We look forward to your decision and next steps.


Ia Ko


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