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Cold Weather and Hating Coats

Below is the final comic I created for this project. I have no drawing experience, and definitely no digital drawing experience. As a slight alteration, I did my sketches by hand, scanned them, and then tried to "ink" them digitally by tracing my sketch. This was really challenging, particuarly trying to trace my sketch to ink it!

Despite being a total beginner, I am having so much fun with this and will be sharing my journey through learning to make webcomics on my tumblr:

This comic is the story about how I have been refusing to actually wear a proper coat despite the colder weather, but instead just continue to layer up the sweaters!


  • Brush size. What do I do!!? Gah! So hard to know what to select, thickness, etc (Working in Manga Studio 5)
  • Inking. When I work in pencil and ink, I typically never bothered to clean up my sketch... at all... but I would fix it all as I inked. I learned from this project I need to use a cleaner sketch, because digitally inking is challenging enough to just copy the lines I have that I can't handle fixing it as I go!



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