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Coincidence or Cover up?

Once upon a time: there was a truck driver who traveled to many different restaurants each week to make deliveries. 

Everyday: he would stop and eat a meal from one of the restaurant he visited. 

Until one day: There were 5 murders outside 5 of the restaurants the delivery man stopped at. This caused police visit the delivery man and question his whereabouts the week before. 

Because of that: the man is now a prime suspect in a serial killer case. Media now follows him everywhere he goes. His fiance' breaks up with him. People start to fear him. He is arrested and tried for murder. He is found guilty.

Because of that: More murders pop up, after his imprisonment....clues now lead to someone else being the killer

Finally: Police narrow in on a new suspect and arrest the Health Inspector that inspected each restaurant as well. He "happened" to be filling in for three of the 5 murders for another health inspector. The paperwork was never filled that he made those substitute visits. He gets arrested and sentenced life in prison. The truck driver is released from prison. 

Ever Since that day: The truck driver wins millions of dollars in law suit money. People suspect the driver actually made all 5 murders and framed the health inspector with a partner. All to win money after being falsly accused and imprisoned. No one actually knows what happened....


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