Coffitivi.ty - student project

Coffitivi.ty - image 1 - student project

Coffitivi.ty (or coffitvity) is a virtual enviroment provider centered around a concept developed through an academic study.  This research study determined that different spaces have specific properties that improve and enhance creative cognition.  Theses great creative work enviroments typically have a volume of 70 decibels and a constant ambient sound.  The best example of such a place: coffee shops.

Similair to the exprience, Coffitivi.ty brings you the sounds of a coffee shop enviroment when you yourself cannot physically be there.  

Find your favorite cafe or browse others from around the country as participating coffee shops deliver their unique enviroment, virtually.

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  1. Users – Individuals looking for a creative, work enhancing tool.
  2. Coffee Shop Owners

Reasons for Friends to join

  1. Individuals who are creative, passionate, and/or focused on completing a task for some work or project that they take part in, typically like to be around others who share the same motives and interests. These same people also like to help enable others to perform these same similar tasks and activities.

#4.    Users to share in the experience and gain collaborative engagement with others will need to invite contacts to do such.

  1. Shop owners can use this space/tool as a way to create an extension of their brand and presence.  A big differentiator between coffee shops is often their unique experience and environment that they offer.  This tool will allow them to be able to extend their environment and experience to their current consumers and also allow them to share why they think they are unique and valuable to other potential consumers.   

#4.    Businesses want to make money and do that they need to keep current and acquire more customers.  This tool will allow them to build a bond and relationship with the users with passive marketing.

Possible Charges

  1. Users may be willing to pay for extra services (yet to be developed) that give them greater control over their experience as well as means to create open collaboration with others on the site.

#4.      The idea of the site is to give users a virtual space/tool to enhance creative cognition and performance on individual tasks.  Users may be willing to pay for additional tools that allow them to complete those tasks better, or in a different means.

  1. Shop owners – Space to advertise and priority listings.  Tools that allow for a greater reach touch to consumers.

#4.    Being labeled before others or enabling and sharing a unique experience that previously could only be found be being in that physical location gives them an advantage at marketing what makes them better and different from the competition.