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Hello Everyone,

For my project I've choosen my local coffee shop - Coffeed.

Although I don't hang out at many local shops I was in Coffeed when I opened the email announcing this course.  So, I figured it was the appropriate choice.  Then I immediately started to stress out about the double Fs and Es in Coffeed!


About Coffeed:

COFFEED is a New York City-based, locally-sourced, charity-minded café and specialty coffee company. 

Our mission is to provide superior products at competitive prices, while keeping charitable giving at the forefront of all we do.  We roast our own coffee, bake our own pastries, and through our partnership with the Brooklyn Grange, source much of our produce from the acre-sized roof of our flagship location in Long Island City, Queens.  Each COFFEED location donates a significant percentage (3-10%) of its gross revenue to worthy local charities.

Guding Principles:

-Superior products

-Everything local

-Community is key

-Reasonable pricing

-Stewards of the environment

-We are educators

-Art & science (roasting and brewing techniques)

-Staff = family

-Charity comes first


Research and Ideation:

I am friendly with the owner, and plan to speak with him about this project next time I am at Coffeed.

For now I'm going to take a look at the logotypes of the competition and similar products/businesses.

The Big Chains


Local Competition

Related Products and Businesses

Beyond this sampling of logos, I am also looking into the logotypes used for charities, farms, and coffee packaging.

Here is the current Coffeed logo:

I find the crossbars in the Fs and Es to be distracting, and therefore will probably not pursue an all caps logotype.

Still waiting for my copy of "Logotype" arrive.

Until then, some exploration:

Haven't really landed on anyhting I love yet, but I'm starting to see what won't work.  Back to taxes :(



Back to work!

After looking through all of my sketches, I've picked out a couple different directions to explore further.

First I dabbled with using the crossbars from the FFs and the doodads I added to the descenders of the FFs to frame the lettering...I'm also exploring using the same ascender for the D as the F.

Also, I'm a sucker for the classic arc up to the right...not sure if it will work for this project, but Coffeed is opening more locations, so possibly each specific location could fit in the negative space on the bottom right?

In this last series I'm toying with a more vertical orientation, and seeing if I can replicate the same loop in each letter.  I'm finding these quite hard to read.  Possibly they could use some more space between letters?  

I hope to update some more tomorrow.  Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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