Coffee | Skillshare Projects




I know I didn't choose a phrase in a different language but I took some lettering I had already created today when I stumbled upon this class. 

Here was the final gif that I made. I wanted it to have a sort of run down diner look to it. I didn't take much time to play with the lettering because I was anxious to learn how to create the neon type effect. I also didn't use the neon tube look because I didn't have much time but I definitely will next time I use this, it just looks more interesting that way.

I will definitely be using this effect again with a more polished composition. The one thing I had trouble with trying to make it look like it was flickering. I tried to do that at the end with the coffee but i'm not sure it works as well as i'd like it to. I will probably go back in and play with the frame timing but this is what I have for now. Great class, thank you so much!



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