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Katya Petrova

Beauty in ordinary things!



Coffee time! :)


My name is Katya.
I recently found out the beauty of watercolor and I'm in love :). I still have  a lot to learn about them but I enjoy every minute! I'm so happy to have found this class and workshop.

As my working routine is tightly bound with coffee I decided to choose it as my theme. 

My perfect morning will start on a sun-lit terrace with a cup of nice coffee and a French croissant and my computer. I absolutely LOVE to work in the morning! 

But let's start from the beginning : )

                                                          •The List of Ideas•

•birds & cats
•cars and scooter
•ice cream and ice lollies
•stars and moons
•hearts and arrows
•rain, raindrops, clouds (I felt this could be the perfect watercolor pattern project, since...well it's obvious - it's water, but the moment the coffee idea turned up nothing else stood a chance :) )
•coffee and croissant

                                                              •The Sketch•

I have no scanner so I have to use my husband's camera which I'm not very good with but I hope the colored one that matters the most will be better. 





                                                                       •The Watercolor-ized drawing

And in colors. Due to my less than basic watercolor skills, it is not what I imagined :) (my coffee saucer looks upside down :) ) but I still love it <3 




This is actually my vector image that I uploaded earlier. So now I'll add the pictures of the watercolors. 

                                                                    •The Vector-ized one


                                                           •The Vector-ized one

I am so grateful about this class, I learned so much! And I decided to use one of the concepts I met here for my pattern - the one about negative space. As my whole idea started from my love for coffee, I decided to represent this in my pattern. 


And then I just couldn't stop at one pattern :) For I just HAD to have a polka dot one for it is so French as well as the coffee and croissant theme :)



Thanks again for this workshop! 
It was so much fun!


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