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Coffee on Capitol Hill

I made this map because I wanted my first attempt to be using a simple theme. Seattle is known for it's coffee, and Capitol Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, so I decided to start there. The audience I would be targeting would most likely be visitors to the neighborhood, as locals already know where the best spots are, and probably more so than I as I have only lived in Seattle for under a year, but again this was a trial piece.

I love love looking at maps, and hope to create more elaborate and creative pieces in the future. I already have more complex/creative themes I would like to try next. This one being very simple only took an evening to complete. I expect my next ones will take a bit more time as I would like to create more original artwork to accompany it, as well as further in depth research to the information being presented. 

I had a lot of fun in this class, and very much enjoyed browsing through others' projects as well! Another great book to check out and I have used for inspiration on maps is called Map Art Lab. It's full of hand-drawn maps, mixed media, digital etc. Fantastic book, check it out :)



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