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Coffee is always a good idea

My students know that if I do not have a coffee cup in hand, I am slightly grumpy.  From 7 AM to 5 PM, I am generally caffeinated.  Being notorious for this obsession, the quote "Coffee is always a good idea" struck me as perfect for this project.

Final Work - here is the final work.  The flourishing is a bit inconsistent.



I started with a couple of sketches.



I wanted the text inside of the banner to be simple, and the text around it to be a bit fancier.  Mixing the script and print.

So, I started working on a chalkboard cardstock paper.  Unfortunately, I can't repaint the wall.  This is my next closest option.  I began with my outline.


Strangely, I started in the middle with the banner, then the "coffee," then "good idea."  I kind of wish I'd curved the word "always" more.


Didn't like the "G" in "good" and so I replaced it.


Above is the work sans flourish, with the 3D-ing.  I wasn't sure how to embelish the banner with 3D or if I should.  I'm definitely going to have to work on consistent angles for the shadow.


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