Coffee is Amazing!

Coffee is Amazing! - student project

All of the classes in this workshop have been truly amazing, and I have learned so much (coming from the perspective of never having worked digitally). 

Rich’s class has been very enlightening and relaxing. I am not sure I have ever worked this abstract, digital or not, but I love the results of your techniques and have been finding it almost therapeutic. 

So I chose this piece because I just finished it sitting here on the last day at the hospital with a cup of coffee and a brand new son! He has been so gracious in sleeping and eating really well for us, and gave me the opportunity to sit and have some relaxing digital art fun. I am in such a wonderful fall, new baby, good coffee mood. On top of US politics seemingly becoming... less on fire? 

Thanks for the classes, and I am looking forward to taking more from all three of the wonderful teachers in this workshop.