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Coffee brewing methods

Hi there! This is my first project on this website and first serious attempt to draw modern icon set, so I need some support :)

I decided to do a set with different ways of coffee brewing, because I'm design student now and I have 2 projects associated with this process.

I'd started with hand drawn sketches (with inspiration, sure, because it was morning):


Most tricky thing for me in drawing icons it's simillarity, the same weight for every picture, because every object has its unique shape and sometimes it's not so easy to solve this problem.

BTW, I decided to try doing some photo documentation of process, it will be useful when I'll add this project to my portfolio


Later I added 1 more color, because as for me this version was a bit borring


Some linear "shadows", one more color for contrast (I just love this greenish blue color) and I can say, that my small set is finished. Time for relax and cup of coffee :)


Please, feel free to mention my mistakes or your ideas.


P.S. I like result and I think I'll expand this set with more coffee stuff icon, like coffee maker, beans, cups etc.

Thank you for watching! And thanks Adam for sharing expirience and knowledge!


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