Coffee Tools

Coffee Tools - student project

Coffee Tools - image 1 - student project

I chose to create icons based on different coffee brewing methods. For my first set of icons, I chose several timeless figures: the Chemex, the Aeropress, and the Moka Pot.

You can see the progress of my work from top to bottom through three iterations of each design. I think, ultimately, I do like the third row the best.

The Chemex includes the rope detail slightly offset to the right, intentionally throwing off the symmetry of the rest of the figure. 

I narrowed down the Aeropress to adhere to the spacing and consistency of the rest of the figure. I used 4px strokes and spacing throughout the entire project, and modified the Aeropress to adhere to those guidelines.

For the Moka Pot, I filled in the handle and rounded off a few corners to give it a more finished touch.


Calvin Chan
Creative Technologist