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Coffee Table before and after

Coffee Table Styling

This project was actually much trickier than I imagined! I have three kids ages 2-6 so I normally don't keep anything on the coffee table ...

but after pulling a bunch of random things from around the house I came up with this...

Every time I would think something looked good I would snap a pic and it wouldn't read well on camera. I ended up placing a woven basket under the table to help ground it a little more. I think it helped. I also used some felt balls of my kids to add height to the bowl in the photos, but i wish I had something more sculptural and metallic to place in there. I'm not sure about the candle holders in a straight row. I like a more random placement but in pictures it didn't look right. I would love feedback and suggestions, thanks!

Some more angles...


I also didn't have a tripod for these shots so the focus is not great. I should have one for Sunday's project though. Loved trying to implement the other photography tips though:)

8 Principles

I LOVE the energy of this table top styling. I feel like the people eating here would be laughing and sharing great memories, no super serious table talk at this dinner party.

Needs-  dishes and utensils, napkins. The busy patterned rug is a bonus, great for hiding spills or crumbs.

Shape-  The table, the plates and the glasses are all round. I love how the stylist mixed in some geometric plates and stripes to balance things out.

Color- golden yellow, blue, pink,

Pattern-  bold zebra rug, painterly stripes in bright colors.  The soft black pattern on the napkins bring the black and white of the rug up to the table top, but using something light with thin black stitching keeps the table from feeling to heavy.

Texture- The faux fur, the stiching on the napkings, the nubs on the glasses and the orchids all add texture.

Placement- all the elements of the table settings are laid out equally in their quadrants.

Bling- There is so much bling happening here! All the different colors and textures of stemware, and the use of both gold and silver utensils qualify. Plus the gemstone shape of the dishes also feel quite blingy to me.

Botanicals- orchids


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