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[Coffee Table Pt. 2] Now with 100% More 1980s Raquel Welch!

The sofa gets a refresh with this new look. And what can I say? I consistently love bright colors. 

And the detail sidetable... (got the clear quartz at an antique market specificall for the bling+shape this weekend!)

I wouldn't call these the losers, but I would say they are less-winning. 

ANOTHER coffee table update. Yes, that's right. I'm still a-workin' on my coffee table. I remembered/discovered a great tray hiding away in the china hutch and after living with those blocks for a bit, it was just too much. I also realized that I should use some intact 1960 and 1980 Life Magazines I had laying around along with some wedding keepsakes and such. The keyboard/computer tray remains as it ever was. 

SO I like this new set-up a whole lot better. Plus it'll be easy to move the tray if we want to have a "feet up" movie night. SO, what do you think about this new arrangement? BONUS: Raquel Welsh in the 80s!

Coffee Table Update! Wow--this was a tough one. We have a really LONG coffee table, which is great, but I had a hard time trying to use the space in a balanced way. Also as you might notice, I shifted a stack of books and the blocks about halfway through. If you have any ideas for how to deal with the length, I'd love to hear 'em! Please tell me in the comments. 

The "bling" and texture elements are what I'm most excited about! I recently got some vintage play blocks, and geometric shapes to help inspire my paintings. I thought that a jar of these out on the table would inspire some creativity in arranging them around. My hope is that both myself and any guests would have a little fun creating. 

Here are my BEFORE shots!


Coffee Table: 




Here are the 8 design principles in action in a found image! 

Needs: this looks like a functional dining room and living room. There's a place to sit and eat and a place to sit with other people or read a book. 

Shape: I see squares, rectangles, a grid, a heart, a geometric lamp, and many swoop-y lines in the chairs and decorations. 

Color: Lighter wood tones, white, red, and black.

Pattern: I think the wood grain work as a pattern prominently displayed in the table and chair. Also the throw pillows are complimentary red, tan, and black.

Texture: That lamp's texture cannot be beat. Also the rough hewn wood ceiling as some depth to the room up top. 

Placement: The wall decorations serve as a mini-collection, as do the white vases on the sideboard. 

Bling: The table centerpiece works, as does the white gloss lamp and a collection of glass around the dining room's dried flowers.

Botanicals: The room has great windows that feature the outside greenery, but otherwise there are dried flowers in the living room and several plans in the living room. 

Source: Dwell - Level Headed


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