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Coffee Table Before and After During Renovation Limbo

So, after we cleared off the Chinese take out, the coffee table didn't look so bad. I managed to dig out some of my pre-reno decor boxes and find some books that might work for the coffee table project. All in all, I was pretty pleased with at least being able to find objects that would satisfy all eight of the design principles.The table is so dainty and small that I'm not sure if all of the stuff on it is overwhelming or if it is appropriately scaled. I would love advice on what to do better and especially on what to do on the lower shelf of the coffee table. Also, where do you put things like coasters and how do you move some of the decor "stylishly" during a cocktail party so that guests can set small plates on the table?

Okay, so we are in week nine of a (hopefully only) twelve week home renovation, and the entire family is going bonkers! I am hoping that this class will help me focus on the end product rather than the current stage of the process. We are renovating almost every room in our rambler style 1950's home in Virginia. What started as a kitchen renovation escalated into a kitchen/dining room/family room, office, playroom, bathroom, screened porch overhaul. My spaces are dusty and cluttered right now and not even REMOTELY styled, so my before photos are really rough. I am posting a few before shots of the rooms in progress just to give a frame of reference to the chaos we are living in at the moment and to get any advice or tips on finishing our big picture project in addition to my Interior Styling project before photos of the five key areas. I'd love to hear what you all think as this is all really new to me!

Kitchen Before (after a little demo):

Kitchen Today:

Credenza Before:

The credenza sits in the middle of the "Dining Room"!

Family Room Before (after some obvious demo!):

Family Room Today (Bookshelf Before--Yay, a blank slate!!!):

Living Room Bookshelf Before:

Disasterously un"styled"...

Play Room Bookshelves (also sadly un"styled"!!!):

Bed Before:

Sofa and Coffee Table Before (you like the Chinese food "styling"?):

As far as styling goes, I am looking forward most to the functional style part of it. With young children in the house and lots of stuff going on, I really need to learn how to creatively hide/work in the needs of our home (storage, electronics, charging stations, toys, etc.) I do my best, but find myself turning to baskets and bins to put things away...hubby calls me a "basket case" because of all of my baskets! I only know two extremes: clean- i.e. empty space or cluttered chaos. Help PLEASE!

 This was the "Home Decor" photo from Pinterest that spoke to me the most this evening while focusing on the 8 Principles. I liked how the suitcases served two needs/functional purposes: storage and bedside table. As for shape, I love how the suitcase sizes are ascending in size and how the rectangles of the cases are contrasted by the roundness of the headboard, the lamp, the handles, and the clock. The colors remain primarily neutral, but the suitcase colors get lighter as they reach the top, and the wall color is a striking blue. There is not a lot of pattern in the frame, but it seems to allow the eye to focus on the details of the cases and the subtle textures of the bedding and walls. The muted cotton bedding provides a soft space which contrasts the more industrial feel of the suitcases, bed frame, lamp, and clock. The placement of the suitcases allows the eye to move up from the floor with ease and the wainscot on the wall provides nice repition. The headboard, lamp, clock, and hardware provides some metallic bling while the glass vase softens the details with a little reflective shimmer. Again, the small vase of botanical flowers gives the space a nice contrast of color and softness for the strong lines of the cases and walls

All of that being said, I can only wish that my space may someday look even remotely as simply polished and balanced as this!!!


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