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Coffee Table Before & After



8 Principles of Styling:

Needs:  This is a living room space so seating is a necessity.

Shape: The round side table and rounded sofa provide diversity in shape.

Color: One of the reasons I love this room are the pops of color.  The sofa, rug, and books provide color in the space.

Pattern: The throw pillows on the couch add pattern to the space.

Texture: The jute rug is a perfect example of texture.

Placement: The books on the coffee table show placement in work using groups of threes.

Bling: The brass light fixtures on the book add some bling.

Botanicals: A plant on the side table bring in the botanicals.


"Before" Photography

Hello!  I just moved to Nashville, TN from Charlotte, NC four days ago and  I am still working on getting settled into our new home.  There has been lots of unpacking and painting going on around here.  Which explains the complete lack of styling going on at the moment in my "before" photos.  I am so excited to start accessorizing using the tips I've learned from this class though!  Talk about perfect timing!

I tried to incorporate Laure Joliet's tips into my photographs by using the grid on my iPhone camera, shooting from a lower position, and taking the lines into consideration.  Definitely have some room for improvement but I'll keep on practicing!

Bed: I absolutely love my duvet cover and throw pillows.  My bedside table is in desperate need of styling though! I could probably style my regular pillows a bit better as well.

Coffee Table: I have a beautiful teak mid-century coffee table that my cat Louie has decided to stand in place as decor for the moment.

Console: I was so lucky to find this console. I love all the little drawers and the brass hardware.  It will look so much prettier with some accessorizing. And those TV cords definitely need to be covered up!

Sofa: We have a standard Ikea sofa that we would like to upgrade but is not in the budget at the moment. I think some new pillows (the current ones are a bit too large/disproportionate) and maybe a throw would definitely spruce it up a bit.

Bookshelves:  Oh dear. Please forgive the crazy state of this picture.  I am still in the process of painting our kitchen which is currently a terrible burnt orange (even the ceiling was painted!). Although I do not have a bookcase, I do have some open shelving in our kitchen. This is my quick styling of the shelving at the moment.


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