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Coffee Table: A Makeover Story

Waa-waa. Sad trumpet for my under-dressed coffee table. Although (in my defense) my husband and I really prefer a minimalist strategy when decorating...which actually makes these projects more difficult than they should be. We don't have a lot of stuff and don't really want a lot of stuff. To make up for that, we try to be pretty careful with our furniture collections choosing items that not only meet our needs stylistically, but also offer functionality i.e. the pieces are pretty and we can, like, totally use them. That being said, the "before" photo is pretty boring. So! Here we go!

1. Needs - I don't think I could live in a house where feet aren't allowed up on the coffee table. There must be room to do that! The table should also have free space for a two cups of tea, a few books, and a constant backlog of New Yorkers.

2. Shape - Lots of squares and rectangles up in here, so I tossed in some round stuff for contrast. High five!

3. Color - We are very muted in our colors. The walls are gray. The rug is gray. With a base like that, we added in some color with a light green couch. We keep it earthy with mid-range wood tones. Small pops of color are used sparingly.

4. Pattern - There isn't much in the way of blatant pattern, but all the straight lines come together to create something of the sort. 

5. Texture - The rug gives a lot of texture to the space. The wood grains, which aren't completely detectable in the photos, are lovely and really add something special. I kicked in the pine cone for a little outdoorsy good measure.

6. Placement - Groupings of books and our little collection of votive holders add some cohesion to the decor.

7. Bling - The enamel and brass votive holders were a gift from some friends who now live in Stockholm. The gold adds some jazz and it's nice to show them off.

8. Botanicals - The glass terrarium houses a few air plants and the pinecone bring nature indoors. 

PS I don't know what you do when you visit the Louvre (brag, brag, brag), but I drop my camera on the floor. This + procrastination = a lens that increasingly doesn't want to focus properly. Apologies.


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