Katherine Hubbs

Illustration, Patterns and Lettering



Coffee Sketches

I loved this class!  I created two pattern tiles - one in the standard repeat and the other in the drop style.  The process of drawing, cutting, taping, and drawing really sparked my creativity.  I am planning to make many more of these to give my patterns a new perspective.


I also enjoyed drawing with a marker which does not allow for erasing.  Really forces me to embrace the  mistakes and just let hte piece be what it wants.  I created a time lapse video of myself making the first tile.  I set up my phone MacGuyver style so it got in the way of me drawing, which is why I think the second tile is more successful.


Here are the two finished tiles, vectorized and colored.  I also uploaded them to Spoonflower so they will be available there soon (typing this on 05/20/16) along with a few other designs to coordinate. :)





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