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Coffee Pattern

First of all, thank you for a practical and fun class! I had a great time watching this class and working on my project. This was my first try. I came across some issues but I believe I will gradually become better at it thanks to you.

I wanted to make a coffee pattern. I began by sketching and went over my sketched with a Micron pen because I like that crisp inky look over the loose water color.


I have had these water pens for a while but never knew how to use them - and hadn't tried.


As for the brush pens, I tried working with Faber Castell's Pitt Artist pen but they didn't work with water. So I had to do this project with the watercolor pencils that I had laying around. I hadn't worked with them in a while and it was surprising to see how well they worked with the water brush pen : )


Once I was happy with the watercolor designs I took them into Illustrator to create patterns.


I discovered the "Apply Color Group" feature through this class - and I love it! Though I like my original colors for this design, that is a handy feature for sure. I am looking forward to playing with it in the future.



Then I took the clear glass latte as the main image and wrote "I like you a latte". And the pattern itself will be on the back.


And here is my final image:


This was a great class to make some watercolor patterns. I will try doing this again for sure. Thank you!


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