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Coffee Mug

I was sick while watching the videos, but I still wanted to create something, so I found a coffee mug in my room to draw on! As a hopeless coffee addict, I decided to write on the cup, "Life begins after coffee," because there is nothing more true than that. I struggled with formatting my letters to fit on the coffee cup because the coffee cup I was working with had a weird flat surface, so this restricted the design I could come up with. I wanted the design to have more than words, so I included little petals on the sides to mimic one of the common latte art designs you can get at fancy, hipster coffee shops. I really struggled with how to format the "life begins after" portion of the quote and decided to just go simple. However, I would really like to work on getting myself to think creatively in terms of formatting my designs. Also, I didn't realize I started too low on the cup. 





I also had another mug in my room that I had been using for paint water (which was a bad idea to start with). So I just winged it and wrote paint water on the cup with little splash marks on the side. 




I just have to say that everyone's submissions really inspired me, and I hope to start covering everything I own in handlettering! Also, I have to say that this course was awesome! I watch a lot of lettering videos, and I never learned about spacing letters based on their shape. I have struggled with spacing my letters out, so I am so happy to have learned that. Thank you for the great course! 


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