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Coffee Is Always A Good Idea

*** November 16: updated at the bottom!!! :) ***

*** December 7th: updated again at the bottom :) ***

Hi everybody! This is my first Skillshare class & project :-)

Ive been working as an illustrator in the Netherlands for 3 years, but I never really got lettering and typography right. So I was really excited to start this class (about 1,5 week ago) and I can't stop anymore, I've been practicing every day and night since I started haha!

I would like to show you the project that is finished. I picked the fraise "Coffee is always a good idea". A friend showed me a postcard with this quote and I always liked it haha.

First I started practicing letters in general, that was fun! Just copying all kinds of fonts and styles to get the feeling. I looked at other students' projects as well to see how they draw their letters so maybe you recognize some of your own. I have done tons of practicing by now, these few pieces of paper are just a small impression / selection ;-)


When looking for inspiration, I searched mainly for vintage coffee posters.

But I also saw examples of people who make lettering illustrations on chalkboards. I really liked this and I figured my coffee-fraise is a nice example, because I could make this in a cafe or restaurant in the future. So I focused a bit on this for inspiration and moodboards.


This is an example :) and these kinds of examples I searched for my moodboard and thumbnails.

Eventually these are some thumbnails:


I really liked the second one because the word "coffee" goes around the cup and it just looks playful and nice! Like coffee is supposed to be ;)

So I decided to go with that one. While sketching it out, I changed the style of "good idea" to a bit more classy.

And the final sketch, already inked:


And then the digitalized / traced sketch. I really like the black & white to be honest! Most of the time my illustrations are so colorful but this seems so neat.


Of course I made a colored version as well!! :-) I like the brownish background, gave me this old poster feeling, mixed with a modern illustration / style. I also made the edges kind of rough to give it this poster effect. Like it was ripped from the cafe wall haha.


So I tried to make it on chalkboard as well myself! This was really cool to do! I also bought a book about chalk lettering. The photos are not really good quality but you'll see a bit of it :-)



Well that was my first finished project!! I'm working on a couple more so I hope to post those as well! :-)

Thanks for reading / viewing!!



**** UPDATE!!! **** November 16

Im so happy! This chalkboard image actually gave me a mural project for a new cafe in my hometown!!! Its not the same image but its still coffee-related haha! It does not really have a lot to do with the process here but I would still like to share it, because its because of this class and project that I got to make this mural! Yay!! :)

The owner of the new cafe wanted it to match te logo so the letters couldnt be all "curly", but it still turned out nice I think!







*** December 7 ***

YAY!!! Thanks to this class and the previous mural, I got another mural project!!! So happy! And it was actually on a CHALKBOARD - as I used for inspiration for the Coffee-phrase haha. Woohoo!!!

Thanks again for this class!!


Thanks for reading!!


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