Coffee Invite

For this project, I decided to pull out a little fun thing I did a couple years back. I had always been happy with the layout, but in looking at it again, I saw that the color scheme was just too heavy for a light hearted subject and not inviting enough to send to a friend.

This was the original


Since this was an old Illustrator file, the first thing I did was move everything to separate layers. That made it much easier for me to isolate the different parts. Then it was time to have some fun.

The technique I used the most was the Color Balance. I have used Illustrator for close to 20 years now and honestly I never knew that color balance was there! And I especially liked how it could affect the colors without dissecting gradients with many stops. Although this design does not have many gradients in it, I will definitely be using Color Balance in future projects.

I first worked with the background color to lighten it up a bit, then went from there. Next I worked with the colors of the text, and finally the coffee cups.

I also used the Blending Mode technique to tone down the background texture by changing if from Normal to Color Dodge and lowering the opacity to 28%.

As I was working, the design required a few tweaks such as adding feet to the birds, adding shadow to the date and time, balancing the large negative space with the tree branch.


The final result which I am much happier with


Comments and criticisms welcome!


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