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Coffee Infographic Icons


A few years back, my girlfriend and I moved to Seattle from Colorado. She wasn't really a coffee drinker, and I couldn't stand the stuff. As it turns out, the few times I had tried coffee, it wasn't particularly representative of how coffee should be (think 7-11 coffee that's been sitting out for 15 hours). 

Before we had internet in our new apartment, we would go to coffee shops for the wi-fi. I mostly stuck with tea or Italian sodas while there, but on one particularly rainy day, I ordered a hot chocolate. Much to my surprise, it wasn't a hot chocolate, but a latte, and it was fantastic. My eyes had been opened.

Fast forward two years and it's coffee all day, every day. Be it by aeropress, mokapot or drip, we are hooked on the stuff.

I have kept all of bags from the coffee we drank, and have been kicking around an idea for an infographic detailing where they came from and how we used them. This icon set will be a large part of that.

The image below is a rough draft of the first set of icons, which haven't been brought into photoshop for cleaning yet. 

Any critique would be very welcome.  If the certain icons don't make sense or if anything seems non-cohesive, let me know!


Went ahead and added a few more icons, tweaked some of the ones that were on there and decided to call it good! This was a super fun project, and I would be very happy with any feedback people have.

Thanks for looking!


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