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Coffee Cups in my Dad's Cupboard

Collection Description

My dad has a lot of coffee cups! He always tells me about when he first came to Australia he had just one cup and it was really depressing when he opened the cupboard. Now it's overflowing!

And since I just came back from an extended overseas trip, I'm crashing at his place and surrounded by his collections which are more interesting than my own. Maybe because he's older and there's more history or maybe because he loves garage sales... hmmm...

Anyway, every morning I have to choose a cup so I thought this would be perfect for the assignment! (I try to use different ones for my morning coffee so some don't feel neglected:) )


I did some ink drawings, but then I also felt like using different mediums, such as watercolour and even the iPad to draw the cups. I colorised some lines, added colours on top, etc etc.

Thank you Kate for an awesome class! I'll do your zine one also :)



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