Coffee Break

Coffee Break - student project

Having a French mother meant coffee was an essential part of everyday life as I grew up. Whenever we visited France breakfast was around the table, often outside, sharing fresh bread, croissants and homemade fruit preserves. All washed down with large bowls of coffee for the adults and hot chocolate for the children. Today even the slightest waft of brewing coffee beans and I'm transported back in time instantly. 

Coffee Break - image 1 - student project

I love the wet on wet technique, you can get some really interesting colours mixes. So much fun too. Adding the bubble detail helps make the illustration pop, great tip thanks Mariya.

Coffee Break - image 2 - student project

I haven't quite got the perspective right for these to work as a composition, although I enjoyed drawing different types of coffees. It wasn't as easy to reproduce the wet on wet success of the previous illustration. I was trying to create a gradient effect. Practise needed for sure..!




Rachel Lucette Adams
Freelance Illustrator and Designer