Vanessa Hurst

Founder at CodeMontage



CodeMontage: Improving coding skills while improving the world

1) Explain your business model in one paragraph.

CodeMontage helps software developers improve their skills by contributing to social good projects. Coders can find and contribute to projects for free on the CodeMontage site. Coders can enroll in a program (monthly) to receive "challenges" that are suited to their background and help them develop skills in technologies and cause areas they prefer. Teams can enroll in the CodeMontage program together (monthly) for additional features. Companies pay CodeMontage to develop a custom internship program (cost is one-time per intern, typically for one to three months). CodeMontage also helps non-profits and social mission organizations. Organizations pay CodeMontage to actively promote their projects to the community (monthly), for technical strategy (monthly), or to open source their application and jumpstart their developer community (once per application).

2) Detail out your main costs, main ways to acquire users, and earn money.

CodeMontage's primary costs are staff to build the product, create coder challenges, sell internship programs, advise organizations, open source applications, and the open source way and the social impact of coding. We find coders through social networks and partners with developer audiences (particularly learner audiences), and we make money from coders, teams of coders, and organizations.

A key part of the CodeMontage vision as a social enterpreise is to empower people to save the world through coding, and to make sure our financial success is directly tied to doing so. By establishing our primary revenue stream from training programs (rather than organizations), we reenforce that we need to change the culture of software professional development, not just address organization's short-term needs, in order to be successful.


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