Code your first Android App in 30 minutes! 2019 edition.

Have a great idea for an Android app and unsure where to start? Join Senior Android developer Pär Amsen in this informative quickstart class on how to get your first app running.

In this class you'll learn the basics of Android development to pioneer the wonderful world of realtime applications, learn some Kotlin, get familiar with the Android UI and the tools that makes Android programming so much fun! You'll leave this class with a little app to call your own, and knowledge on how to developing it further.

Android evolves fast and this class covers the latest ways to do things. You'll pick up how to use the newest version of Android Studio, and how to design your UI using the newest Google Material Design components.

If you are new to programming some concepts might be hard to grasp, but you will be able to finish the class and share your project with the Skillshare community (and the world, through Google Play, how cool is that?!).

Pär Amsen
Senior Fullstack Engineer