Code name: wearable tech device

---------------Week 4-------------------------------

---------------Week 3-------------------------------

What are 3 qualities of your ideal factory?
1. Located in china, near my suppliers
2. English speaking
3. Good quality control
4. Ability to do small and large quantities
5. Has done business with companies in the United States on multiple occasions and knows the process
6. Employing no children
7. Managers take active role in ensuring quality products are produced
8. Open to having an external quality tester on site when producing my product

-----------------Week 2-----------------------------

I will be manufacturing this product in china, as china is the electronics focus of the world.  They are able to keep their prices down so that we can keep our prices low.  They are able to scale at an extradonary rate based on order amount.  The down side is both political and currency based.  Currency is consistently shifting to USD being worth less and less RMB.  However, when comparing the average rate to manufacture in China vs the United States including shipping rates /etc.  China still comes on top.  To better serve our users and make their dollars go further, China, Shenzen is where we will manufacture the product.

----------------Week 1-----------------------

  1. Share your design challenges for feedback

Big issues on the design are (1) com.eting the Bluetooth software for the product, awaiting final version in early May.  (2) creating a design that is stylish and changeable (3) reducing the size of my prototype hardware

  1. Share WHERE you plan to manufacture your product for feedback

China most likely, specifically Hong Kong / Shenzhen 

  1. Share 3 qualities of your ideal supplier for feedback

(1) high quality (2) low price (3) English speakers (4) turnaround time from ordering the parts to delivery to my future manufacturer.

  1. Share your concerns about managing quality for ffeedback

i am concerned that I will have a first production run that fails and I will be stuck with tens of thousands of dollars of shoddy goods.  I need to make sure that everything is perfect in the process and thsupplicant fractured that I hire has quality control built into their process helping to ensure that I receive a high quality good.

  1. Share how you plan to ship your finished products for feedback

undetermined at this time.  I could go with amazon fulfillment, where. Would pay by the square foot and they would handle orders.  But it's too early to be able to define what will happen here