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Kurt Werner

PhD (CBMTA) student at CCRMA



Code-assisted Databending

Hi, I'm Kurt James Werner. I'm a PhD candidate at CCRMA, Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. I do research on computer modeling of circuit-bent instruments and modded drum machines (which you can read about and play with), and dabble in glitch art. I collect glitches and keep a bit of a research journal at I took Phillip's class last year (documented here), and got interested in using Matlab as a tool to help with databending, which I've clunkily called "code-assisted databending." Some of this work made it into an audio-visual piece I did called "GLG", and has led me to read a lot about image codecs and try making a simple glitchable experimental image codec. The codec hasn't made it too far...

Anyways, I'm back again to see what's new and get motivated to explore code-assisted databending further.


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