Code Name: Project T-Shirt...or Something. :P

Code Name: Project T-Shirt...or Something. :P - student project

Why I'm Doing This Class

I have been out of college for a few years now. I recieved my degree, put it on shelf and let it collect dust. I went to school so I could design t-shirts that people must have and feel cool wearing. I feel my best with a graphic tee, jeans and sneakers. I want to design for people that want to feel cool. Be different. Be trendy. Be fun! 

What Brand I Choose and Why

The first assignment was the find a brand to design for. I choose S2S Nation. It's a company that requests design and everyone votes for the best. The winning designs are printed on 70% bamboo 30% cotton material. The fairy girl with koi fish design caught me eye. I immediately noticed the skull face, dragonfly wings and red fish. It might be too complicated of a design but I still like it. The dinosaur design is great. Who doesn't like dinosaurs? The bright colors are eye catching. These designs have many similarities. Slightly rough, sketchy lines. Complicated yet simple designs. Colors that pop. I felt something when I looked at them. These designs make me think the artists are trendy but not mainstream. I could maybe see the dinosaurs and the monsters in Hot Topic.  

My goal is the come up with a design that uses few colors, has a rough, sketchy style. 

Also I would truly appreciate feedback! 

Code Name: Project T-Shirt...or Something. :P - image 1 - student project

Lesson 2-3

My idea for this sketch is modern fantasy. Elf girl listening to mp3 player. She has big sunglasses, jewelry and I think she will have teal hair. 

Code Name: Project T-Shirt...or Something. :P - image 2 - student project