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Stephanie Linquist

Independent Professional - Graphic Design



Code Marathon

November 22

Hi everyone! My name's Stephanie. I'm a junior in college, studying for a degree in graphic design. I love what I'm learning and what I do, but I knew I needed some more skills: namely, coding. I've taken several classes here and there, dabbling in HTML and CSS (plus a variety of other languages I have no hope in remembering). In fact I planned on minoring in computer science, but dropped both of my coding classes this semester (boy, was that stressful, haha). 

I'm excited to learn coding on my own pace and on my own time! This class appeared in my inbox at a pretty perfect time for me. I've always wanted to explore designing my websites with more screens in mind than just pcs and macs. 

I'm also so incredibly thankful that sample code was provided for the grid system. I am a visual/hands-on person when it comes to coding. I need to tear apart another person's work to figure out how to even approach what I'm doing. So thanks for that! 

Here's my attempt at a grid system:


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