Jenny Talavera




Coconuts! What am I gonna do?


Wow - pinterest is amazing! This is my first time really using it and am blown away by how useful it is capturing inspiration so quickly and easily.


A bit about me. I'm a graphic designer who has always felt severly challenged when it came to drawing. In art school, my friends would joke about my sketches, saying I had a picasso-esque style. I took that as a compliment. :) So fast forward 15 years, I am still trying to draw and thought this class looked like fun. I spend a lot of time reading kids books (to my son) and often feel inspired by the illustrations.


Ugh. Talk about a struggle. Wasn't too excited about the way these were looking. A bit too menacing. 

Did a mind map and decided to take it in a different direction.


I liked the goofy Ostrich and decided to take it to the computer.

Here's the initial guy. I worked directly in Illustrator.

And after some shading, color tweaking, and some background elements, I'm here:


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