Cocktail - student project

Hi Tabitha!

I really loved this course. I want to do this again with the moody lighting cave you did. I already ordered some incense to give it a shot!


I used what I had in my home already to create this. I hung a sheet over my window to hide my backyard, and then used lemons and blueberries, crushed ice from my freezer, and a White Claw. The 'table' is just a blank sign from Michael's I use for flatlays for my IG. 


I immediately made a mess pouring the drink and spilled it all over my set up lol So I stuck in the cutting board and tried to make it seem intentional. I really love the way it turned out. I also did a hundred lighting checks before starting and didn't even think about myself blocking some light lol So the first ones I took on a timer were slightly under exposed.


I used a Nikon D5500 and a 35mm lens and edited in LR CC. 


Cocktail - image 1 - student projectCocktail - image 2 - student project