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Cochlear Implant Online - Brand Narrative

Please excuse me for my very delayed post. The past two weeks has been super duper crazy!
This brand narrative is for my website that I've been maintaining for 11 years - Cochlear Implant Online.

1. Brand Values: Creating Awareness, Well-Rounded Community, and Providing Excellent Support

2. Brand Narrative: Being deaf is no longer a barrier today thanks to an extraordinary technology, cochlear implants, a surgically implanted device that allows deaf people to hear almost like a person who hears normally. Unfortunately, only 5% of all people who are qualified for the technology are utilizing it today. Our online resource educates readers about the technology and deaf children learning to hear and speak and shares recipients' personal experiences who have been positively impacted by their life. We also reach out to recipients and families who have no access to information by providing support through not only the website, but also live seminars and social media channels.


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