Cobra Helicopter Weight and Power

Cobra Helicopter Weight and Power - student project

I'm a Marine Corps Reserve pilot and entrepreneur.

The problem:  weight and power calculations for my aircraft are done on paper or on a special computer program not found on computers connected to the internet.  The by hand method involves referencing graphs on paper and is prone to misinterpolation.  Only a few computers have the necessary software to conduct this calculation and these computers typically do not travel with the aircraft.  During cross country trips, it is necessary to resort to the "by hand" method.  Each time we do a weight and power calculation it takes between 5-10 minutes.  Current civilian on the market applications are insufficient because of the highly specialized loads and configurations that my helicopter can handle.  

The solution:  I'd like to cut the time it takes to calculate a weight and balance down to a bare minimum.  By converting the graphs to data tables and designing an iphone app, I hope to make the preflight requirement of a weight and power calculation very easy.  My goal is to:

1.  import existing weather data from public databases.

2.  Store specific helicopter load and configuration information.

3.  Create a very simple UI.

4.  Allow the weight and power calculations to be emailed or printed from the app.

5.  Extend the concept to several other specific military model aircraft.

This is a very niche project and will have a market!!!!

Mockups to come....stay tuned.

Please let me know what questions or comments you have.

Here's my UI layout.  Late I know but this is what the first version will hopefully look like.

Cobra Helicopter Weight and Power - image 1 - student project