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Coast to Coast Bluegrass

I'm a big fan of bluegrass music, both traditional and more modern takes on it.  Back in Atlanta I used to jam with a good friend of mine all the time.  Since moving to SF, we've begun recording tracks separately and Dropbox-ing them back and forth to keep the spirit alive.  I named our project Coast to Coast Bluegrass (a little uninspired, but hey it works for now).  

When trying to brainstorm concepts for "Loud", my mind kept returning to our mini-band.  We're pretty damn loud.  The sketch I've landed on is a poster idea that is sort of a riff on a playing card.  I want to focus on the opposites (west coast / east coast, mandolin / guitar, etc), and include some elements that represent aspects of home, and bits of my new city.  The shapes in the sketch will ultimately be filled in with those elements.

I'm also thinking the words "coast to coast" will be made of the wire connecting the two tin-can phones.  

Started adding in textures / swapped out pointy mountains for something a bit more interesting:

Toying with a night concept... weirdly the upload here is oversaturating my colors a bit on this:

First blocking in of main elements (still need to add lots more small elements):

Concept Sketch:


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