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Megan Kline

Graphic Designer





My friend recently quit his day job to pursue his passion of opening up his own restaurant that specializes in coal-fired pizza, and asked me if I would design his brand. He is still working on his business plan, so he is in the early stages of the process, but here is what I know..

  • the name will be "Coalhouse"
  • it is not your typical pizza shop, but a "classier" establishment where you are encouraged to dine-in and have a craft beer and a pizza with friends
  • the target market is young professionals, but he wants it to be family friendly
  • he wants a typographic logo, no pizza slices, and no seal
  • the interior will be industrial with "hints of the 70's" (still trying to figure out what that means)
  • located in Pittsburgh

Of course his competition includes the bigger companies: dominos, pizza hut, papa johns

Local competition:

There are plenty more pizza shops in Pittsburgh, but no logos impressed me. Some branding I did like..

I also looked at a lot of old 70s album covers and typography, and browsed through some of my art and lettering books. They turned out to be more helpful than looking at endless pizza branding.

my initial sketches:

I like the script one and how the C underlines the rest of the logo. I can play with the angle of the word, but I am struggling with the interaction between the L and H, and whether the flourish is unneccessary.  I also think a bolder, uppercase san serif with more square letters would also work. 


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