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Coal Field

Hey, guys!

I created the logo for music label, the client wanted to see a red beanie as a sign, and it turned me to make that. I tried to reach two goals:

  1. good readable text 
  2. a face consisted from letters

But in work process I realized that these goals are mutually exclusive, becouse if you see letters and read quickly, you will not see the face and, otherwise, if you good see the face, you will not see the letters and they look like offhandedly.

Here is my attempts





I tried to make something average, but I don't like a result. I doubt it's cool. I also sure that there are many mistakes in this logotype.

Scott Biersack, what do you think about my project? What can you advice me? Thanks!

And I will be happy to know, what do students of this course think about my work too.

Thanks for watching and sorry for my bad english :)


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