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Coaching for Creatives: Because Olympic Athletes Shouldn't Be The Only Ones With Coaches

Most of us taking this class have taken the plunge, or are preparing to--to do the work that we are passionate about--because it's clearly the only thing that makes sense. There are lots of people out in the world with great ideas, and the know-how to make them happen, but are not equipped with the self-confidence and resilience to try. This is not a resource issue, but a belief system issue.

Project Inkblot is a workshop series and coaching program to help artists and creatives as a whole refine/define their passion, commit to it, and create or launch their passion based work. We're not a business school, but we mentally prepare individuals to take their creative endeavors seriously, by first--taking themselves seriously. We do this through in-class group work, individualized weekly homework, accountability partnership, and individual coaching. We transform participant from self-limited over-thinkers, to audacious do-ers. 

Lesson 1: Business Plan

We offer:

  • a 6-week intensive workshop series
  • individual coaching
  • group coaching calls
  • one day intensives
  • professional development: creative workshops for organizations/businesses 

Our audience:

  • individual artists + creatives
  • businesses: for-profit + non-profit 
  • institutions: museums, schools, arts + culture organizations

Lesson 2: Entrepreneur vs. Freelancer

We're social entrepreneurs. Our Mission: 

Our mission is to guide and aid people to powerfully engage in creative and passion-based work which positively impacts their communities. We do this by teaching a methodology based on resource sharing, community building, and exploration, as well as demystifying the creative process so that the process – and not just the “product” – is celebrated.

Lesson 3: Funding

Do you need money for this business?

  • Yes, we need about 15-20K to fully create the materials, lesson plans, an online version of the course, as well as marketing costs, and web development. 

Does more money increase the chances you will reach positive cash flow? Profitability?

  • Yes, we'll be able to use google adwords and facebook marketing to reach a larger global audience, as well as create an online version of our services that will also be able to free up our time and sell our programs to a larger base of people. 

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?

  • computers, software, and paying designers to create our online course 

How long before the money invested starts turning into money returned?

  • 6 months

Do you hope to sell this company?

  • not in the foreseeable future

Given all this, and what you learned in the video, what sort of funding are you seeking? Why would this investor choose your offering over all the others available?

  • Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Pave, and any other impact investing options, or grants for social entrepreneurs



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