Coach Connectors (very very rough title)

Coach Connectors (very very rough title) - student project

We all deserve to grow.  Sometimes we need some help getting there.  Coach Connector introduces individuals seeking professional or personal development with skilled folks who offer services in areas of life & career coaching, nutrition and fitness.  Its like for personal development and well-being. 

Rationale:  The combination of a changing economy and cultural/generational shift that promotes self development combined with well being has pushed many to seek ways to develop and reinvent ourselves personally and professionally.  (In essence, that might speak to some of our motives for taking a class like this!)  Within that, there has been a emergence of individuals who have pursued careers in supporting others in areas of life coaching, etc.  Often times, these connections are made mostly through networks, which many don'd have at their fingertips.  Coach connectors would try to bridge that gap.

How it would work:  Website would feature blog with articles on issues pertaining to well being, personal development, etc.  Coaches would post profiles, articles, videos to introduce potential clients to their methodology and info on how to contract them. 

Biggest holes:

  • Possible liability issues; accredition of coaches
  • Lack of personal contact (done virtually) may not be as effective; would it attract great coaches?
  • How many people actually know about 'coaching' and would be willing to pay for it?

Create an Actionable Plan:

  • Recruit 5 coaches to feature articles
  • 50 email subscriptions
  • Survey conducted with subscribers