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CmartyMar is a premium accessory brand, that focuses on quality and exclusivity. My goal is to create limited quantity pieces that connect with each customer. The name "CmartyMar" is a nickname of mine given to me by friends. This whole brand is my outward expression, a canvas so to speak for my thoughts and visions - inspired by childhood experiences, different cultures, and future aspirations. CmartyMar brand embodies me and everything that I am. 

The products that I create are all items that I have alwyas wanted and have yet to see available in stores. We develop unique orignal products that tell our story. Everyone loves that feeling of owning something that no one else or very few have. With my items I ensure that all my supporters experience that. 

Throughout the years I focused solely on improving the quality of my product. I hoarded beads from all over the world. I had sourced beads from Africa, India, Tibet, China, thrift stores etc in such limited quantities. Each chain, bracelet, and wooden brooch is one of a kind and made by hand. 

This all came about by me sticking to my dreams and retaining a positive mental attitude towards life and success. The overall message of my brand is for everyone to manifest your ideas into reality. Anything is possible with hardwork and faith. CmartyMar is brand made for creative individuals that embrace that concept of life. 

Take a look at some of the things that I have created. All feedback is appreciated- Thank You!

Bead Lookbook Spring/Summer '13

Chain Name: "Them BloodShed Joints"

Bracelets: "The Deceased Warrior Trio"

Chain Name: "Them Congo_Joints"

Bracelets: "The Mahogany Citrus & the Darkskin Deceased Warrior Joint"

Chain Name: "The Royal Purple Haze"

Bracelets: "The Sublunary Combo"

Brooch: "The Alphabetical M Joint"

Chain Name: "The Black Hopso Joint"

Bracelets: The Mahogany Citrus & Darkskin/Albino Deceased Warrior Joints"

Chain Name: "The Evil Monkey Prince Chain"

Closer Bead Look:

Hand Carved Alphabet Brooch Pins [entire alphabet is available]

From my love of street culture and the success of the beads, I wanted to do more. I had always admired companies like Supreme, Only, and Publish. I could always be found in something of thiers. So I naturally had to make a 5-Panel. With the 5-panel displayed, and the ones to come, I took the inspiration back to my roots. Childhood obsessions including Dragonball Z , Naruto, and camo patterns all incorporated with a mature sense for detail, luxury, and exclusivity. Now my items are featured in two premier Sneaker Boutiques here on Long Island, Extra Butter and The Sneaker Spy.

 Here is a detailed look of the Vintage Camo Camp Cap

Suede Bottom/ Hidden Inner Tag (also other hidden tags throughout the cap)

Handmade Cmarty Tag, leather strap enclosure, embroidery, and signature "M" logo.

The Camel represents fortitude, resilience, and consistency. These are all ideals that my brand embodies. The "X' is forshadowing for a hat to come.

Up close look at front label. The Japanese "katakana" translates to "SHI MA-TEE"or "Cmarty."

Each element if this hat illustrates something important in my life. That is what the CmartyMar brand is all about. Staying true to yourself and making your goals/desires/dreams come true.

Instagram: @CmartyMar & @CmartyMar_brand

Twitter: @Cmartymar 


-Thank You



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