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Clyne Shop

Clyne, LLC is the name of my business, which focuses on one of a kind business card cases decorated in graphic designs. I like to call it "jewelry for your desk." I have setup a WordPress website at the URL

My design goals are to have a shop that:

  • Coordinates with my website.
  • Provides a primary sales venue for my products, and
  • Leveragees my presence in a community (Big Cartel) to 1) learn best practices, and 2) to gain referrals and colleagues.

My BigCartel shop links from my website on the "clyne shop" page...


To the actual shop on my Big Cartel page at


I found it easy to match the BigCartel shop style to my webpage style. I think I was lucky that it was so simple to match the look and feel.

This was instructive in that I see which photo styles work best on the page and can tweek my standard photo style.


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