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Clyne, LLC

Most people want an inspiring, happy, and productive environment in whatever space they work: a traditional office, a studio, or a work shop. My company, Clyne, LLC was created to share with other professionals, artists, and creatives fresh ideas and products that will motivate them to take control of and thrive in their work space.

My initial launch will be based on a product line I call Desk Jewelry, starting with one-of-a-kind business card cases decorated with my marbled and kaleidoscope designs.


I expect that my new blog will reinforce the use of art, science, and tech to improve one’s workspace conditions.

Here are my project deliverables:

Vision – Clyne’s vision is for clients to elevate their workspace to achieve great things.

Mission – Clyne’s mission is to offer options to people, whose offices, studios, and workshops can be inspiring and productive.

Values – Act with intention, joy, and integrity to create delightful results.

Company Positioning – A space for great things at the intersection of art, science, and tech.

Product Positioning – "It’s jewelry for your desk." Also, "Desk Jewelry."

Voice & Tone – Professional, with a nerdy edge. Inspiring and uplifting spirit. No nonsense, but cheeky, when necessary. Creative and clever. Precise and accurate.

Look & Feel – Branding represented in classic deep, jewel-tone hues with black and gray text. Rich shades of maroon, turquoise, cobalt, and gold used in crisp, modern graphics. High-quality imagery.



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