Cluttered Mess, Cluttered Mind

Cluttered Mess, Cluttered Mind - student project

I live in a small space and I did a really great job of going through things and purging when I moved in. There are little trigger areas in my house that are cluttered and I'm finding that the mess has so much of an impact on my mental health.

Area #1: As a musician, sheet music ends up EVERYWHERE. I'm trying to go digital, but I have years and years of paper charts, notes, and audition materials lying all around my house. I recently took the time to digitize some of it, purge some of it, and organize the rest of it. Now it lives happily in organized binders on my bookshelf.

Area #2: I am also a cake decorator. I had tips, sprinkles, and icing colors that I would just toss into a box and put up on a shelf. While it was up and out of sight, every time I would get into it for a baking project, my anxiety skyrocketed. I decided to sort my tips by type, my sprinkles got their own box, and my icing colors had more room to breathe. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Cluttered Mess, Cluttered Mind - image 1 - student project 

Area #3: I keep office supplies. I always have because what if someday I need them? I had so many boxes, mugs and drawers of pens and notepads and paperclips and staples and post its and mechanical pencils and binder clips and rubber bands and business cards and envelopes. I went through ALL of them and got them down to two photo boxes worth of supplies that I actually use on a weekly basis. 

While seemingly small, it felt so good to purge and I could feel my anxiety lesson with every toss in the trash or placement in a donation box.