Clutch 01

Clutch 01 - student project

I am an Architect by day, and an accessory-loving girl always.  The goal of Clutch 01 is to blend the femininity of a clutch with a more structured (or architectural) pattern and design.

Clutch 01 is a simple design project.  It does not have a one-for-one social purpose or a clever "i can't believe i didn't think of that first" innovation.  Like most of my ideas for accessories, it was simply born out of my frustration to find feminine items that aren't overly girly.  In this case, a clutch that I could sport without appearing like I was headed to prom.  

The concept is to have a hard outer shell (at this point I am thinking powder-coated metal) with a soft fabric lined interior.  The outer shell would be a contrasting color to the interior fabric.  A laser cut pattern or design in the outer shell would allow reveals of the soft lining and pops of the contrasting color to show through.  Depending on the color choice, I see this as a statement piece that could be equally suited for little black dress event or casually accompanied by a favorite pair of skinny jeans.  Closure, hinges and fabrication details are all still TBD.

At this point, all I have are hand sketches but am hoping to make time to get this into Illustrator and rendered soon.  Although I have sketchbooks full of accessory ideas, I have not attempted to put any of them into production. I thought Clutch 01 would be well suited to this class and a good place to start.  Looking forward to meeting the other designers here and utilizing this class a resource to help move my project forward.  Any and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged!  

Clutch 01 - image 1 - student project