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Cluster and 10 Things

10 Line Story:

Guy: Look here, the expense report shows
that you spent way too much money on your hair dye

Girl: But I NEEDED IT, and it was the only one in the store

Guy: I think saying you NEEDED IT is probably wrong.
Starving kids NEED food. You just wanted your hair to
look fake red.

Girl: Ughhh. Ok JIM. I forgot you take everything so literally.

Guy: I am just saying. We have been coming up short on money lately, and
I think I am going to have to ask you to stop spending company money on your appearance.

Girl: OH, so now that you have a new girlfriend you don't want me using
company funds on myself. I see how it is.

Guy: Let's leave Shelly out of this...things aren't how they seem.

Girl: Oh what, you want me to think you guys broke up or something?!

Guy: Actually....we did.

Girl: Oh...Sorry to hear that...whaddya say we take the rest of the money
and treat ourselves. Lobster? We deserve it!

Cluster (see attached photo):


It's the third morning in a row that I have seen the sun rise from my small, dark studio apartment. The third night/morning in a row that I have not slept a wink and have seen the sun rise beautifully over the skyline. Even though I haven't slept I feel like I could run for miles and miles without stopping. There is a strange energy in my bones that I can't shake - nor do I want to.

Last week - I quit my job. I FINALLY quit my 9 to 5, boring desk job. I am not going to have to see Sue Rivers' face EVERY again. I will never have to make copies while John awkwardly tries to make conversation with me. I finally quit my job. And now, I have nothing.

List of 10 (Animals):











They always called him Leopard the Lepur. He couldn't get away from that nickname even though he had all his limbs and digits attached. The problem was the other animals were not too bright, and couldn't think of anything else to call Leopard. Leopard suggested Leopold or even just Leo - but the other animals thought that these names sounded too pretentious. And so it was.

List of 10 (Colors):











What a great day for a run in the park! Its a bright crisp morning. It feels so good to be wrapped around these petite feet. My laces feel extra lacey this morning and it is great to be alive! Hop over that stone, skip over that crack. And now for the final - OH NO - STOP AHEAD - PLEASE - that DOG, he has laid down something brown right in front of us. ;sdfuoiduf;'w. Ugh. I hate dogs.


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